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Alpine Bed Bank

We have access to, and control of some fantastic beds. We have secured these beds on competitive and sustainable commercial terms. Our job is to distribute effectively and efficiently in some instances across specific source markets. So, how does this work? Read on…

Alpine Connect


Remember, we are here to connect people and in doing so commit to providing end to end support for the lifetime of all agreements.

Contracting Services

Some businesses have their own buying function, some use agents, others simply work on an ‘on request’ basis and others a mix of all three. There also those who connect to large established online agents (often with no obvious competitive advantage). Whatever it is you do, we can probably help.

Alpine Connect


Our buying services are not limited to beds, we can also provide transport solutions (transfers) and ski services specifically equipment rental.

Other Services

Destination Property Promotion

If you are a provider of services (destination, hotel or other service provider) looking to promote your product or products to certain segments, source markets or otherwise we can provide an advisory service to ensure best return on investment. We can advise of suitability of product from access to infrastructure to cost to ensure any investment is worthwhile.

Source, Secure & Manage

If you simply don’t have the time, knowledge, resource or infrastructure we can help. We can do the hard bit; all you need to do is manage and maintain the day-to-day relationship. Together we agree the brief or plan and Alpine Connect will deliver. We will use our own tools and processes to manage your requirements. Easy, all you need is a plan.

Product Sourcing

If you need a ‘scouting service’ or an exploratory look at resorts/regions of interest we can help. With a brief we can, using a proven format provide a fit for purpose summary of options, risks and opportunities.

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